Monday, January 18, 2010

Liquid Diamond Seas on Neptune and Uranus

Scientists theorize that seas of liquid diamond--yes, you read that right, liquid diamond--may exist far beneath the clouds of gas giant planets like Uranus and Neptune. For the full story, check out THIS article from

As I've gotten older, I'm always afraid I'm going to become bitter and jaded. But then I read about something fantastic like this, and I once again feel the stirring of that all-important sense of wonder about the world and universe that we live in. Liquid diamond oceans? Cool!


Zot said...

That is fascinating! It is highly unlikely that life exists in these oceans but I like to think about what creatures in that kind of ocean would look like. Maybe they have gills that extract trace elements the liquid to metabolize and survive on with the liquid diamond serving the same purpose as water (assuming stuff can dissolve in liquid diamond). It is just fun to think about.

Paul Lucas said...

That's a pretty wild idea!