Friday, March 30, 2012

Updates, and a New Novel

Broken links for Laser Firearms and Lightsabers have been fixed.

Please DO NOT ask when new articles will be posted or what they might be, or what they are, because I don't know specifically myself. But harassing me about it--and more than one polite inquiry is what I do consider harassment--will do absolutely nothing to help, and in fact will likely delay new updates even further. Orbital Vector is a hobby, something I generally enjoy doing, and if that enjoyment's going to be sucked away by people demanding things unreasonably, I may delay or abandon updating it altogether.

Please understand that I'm still very busy, and my being able to update Orbital Vector and the Blog here means that things have gone from overwhelming to merely nearly-overwhelming. I'll update when I can with what I can, but it will be on no set schedule, as I still have to prioritize things that go into making a living over this site.

That being said, I do have a new ebook novel available co-written with my occasional collaborator, Phillip Velasquez. Its called DRYAD, a science fiction adventure novelette. Details below, so check it out and buy a copy or seven if you'd like.

Marooned on an unknown planet, xenobiologists Kendra Ling and Mona Favre must confront the mystery of bizarre alien 'dryads' if they are to survive. A fantastic tale of alien contact and transformation.

DRYAD for the Amazon Kindle

DRYAD for other E-Readers and the PC


Anonymous said...

Excuse me!

Anonymous said...

There are still a few broken links that have to be fixed like Medical Sensor Glove, for instance.

Anonymous said...

I wonder. How long does it take to finish an article?

Anonymous said...

I do recall that computers are revolutionizing our planet I am pretty sure articles about future computers and other things related to computers will be published.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry if I had took the fun out of this site, but I noticed that you haven't updated this site for months.

Anonymous said...

With Hurricane Sandy causing trouble on the East Coast, I am anxious to see an article on weather control on Orbital Vector.